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"When a normal man dies the energy web of his mind is disrupted by the death trauma and dispersed," says the Chairman of Rex, 22nd-Century inventors of Hereafter insurance.  "Only those who have dedicated years to the disciplines of Yogi can hope for their minds to survive the psychic shock of death and pass into the Hereafter.  Now we have developed an intricate electro-chemical process which stimulates the Yogi discipline and ensures survival of the mind after death - for any man who can afford it."

But when Rex use their equipment to pluck the mind of a man living in the past and implant it in a 22nd-Century body, they encounter an ancient phenomena: the Death Wish.

Mark Blaine may be bitterly determined to hold on to the new life in the new body that Rex has given him - particularly after he has met Marie, one of the scientists involved.  But the fact remains that at the critical moment on the motorway in 1968 he let Rex crash his car for him.

With marie as his mistress and his job as a "hunter" - of those rich enough to afford Hereafter Insurance who wish to experience the kick of being murdered - Blaine's only worry is the mysterious zombie who has haunted him persistently since his arrival.  This zombie in fact saves Blaine's life when he becomes involved in the political in-fighting between Rex and the Government.  Later with Marie's help, Blaine is spirited out to safety in the South Seas.  Here he settles and ultimately marries Marie.  But once again the zombie seeks him out.  It has at last discovered its original identity, it says.  When Blaine crashed on the motorway he killed another man whose mind was also pulled over by Rex into the 22nd-Century.  The mind was lucky enough to find a host body - the zombie's - but this is dying.  Will Blain now surrender his body to the mind of the man he killed with his own death wish?

Marie is distraught, but Blaine knows the justice of the zombie's plea. He must surrender his body.  He anyway possesses Hereafter Insurance; he will wait for Marie to join him . . . . . . . .

Written by Robert Sheckley
Dramatised by Jack Pulman
Directed by Philip Dudley

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