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Rachel Lindsay in Runners [1982 x 110m, written by Stephen Poliakoff, directed by Charles Sturridge]
Sue in Number One [1984 x 106m, written by G.F.Newman, directed by Les Blair]
Carrie Cray in Revolution [1985 x 126m, written by Robert Dillon, directed by Hugh Hudson]
Cathy in Mona Lisa [1986 x 104m, written by Neil Jordan & David Leland, directed by Neil Jordan]
Jane Woods in Cry Freedom [1987 x 157m, written by John Briley (based on the books by Donald Woods), directed by David Attenborough]
Carol Stratford in Tree of Hands (US: Innocent Victim) [1989 x 89m, written by Gordon Williams (based on the novel by Ruth Rendell), directed by Giles Foster]
Rachel Langham Franck in Melancholia [1989 x 87m, written by Andi Engel & Lewis Rodia, directed by Andi Engel]
Call-girl in Conspiracy [1989 x 87m, written & directed by Chris Barnard]
Frances Kray in The Krays [1990 x 119m, written by Philip Ridley, directed by Peter Medak]
Ellie in Under the Sun [1992 x 80m, written by Susan Campbell (based on a story by Susan Campbell & Michael Winterbottom), directed by Michael Winterbottom]
Pamela in Jack and Sarah [1994 x 110m, written & directed by Tim Sullivan]
Bella in Croupier [1997 x 94m, written by Paul Mayersberg, directed by Mike Hodges]
Tess Ellis in Heart [1999 x 81m, written by Jimmy McGovern, directed by Charles McDougall]
Lea in Die Helden [2000 x 92m, written & directed by Anthony Himbs]
Stine in I Am Dina [2002 x 125m, written by Ole Bornedal & Jonas Cornell, directed by Ole Bornedal]


Margaret in Stars of the Roller State Disco [04/12/84 BBC1 x 75m, written by Michael Hastings, directed by Alan Clarke]
Susie in Travelling Man: Moving On [Series 1 - 05/12/84 Granada/ITV, written by Roger Marshall, directed by Charles Kitchen]
Katie in Me and My Girl: The Kids are Alright [Series 2 - 08/02/85#4 London Weekend Television/ITV, written by Mike Walling & Ian Whitham, directed by John Henry Reardon]
The Last Place on Earth [18/02-27/03/85 Central/ITV] (unconfirmed)
Wings of Death [1985 x 19m, directed by Nicholas Bruce & Nicola Bruce]
Student Nurse Karen O'Malley in Casualty [Series 2 BBC1]:
     A Drop of the Hard Stuff [19/09/86#2, written by Roy Mitchell, directed by Antonia Bird]
     Shades of Love [26/09/86#3, written by Wally K Daly, directed by Michael Brayshaw]
     A Cry for Help [03/10/86#4, written by Jeremy Brock & Paul Unwin, directed by Alan Wareing]
     Anaconda [10/10/86#5, written by Ray Brennan, directed by Michael Brayshaw]
     Lifelines [17/10/86#6, written by Jeremy Brock (from an idea by Matthew Bardsley), directed by Sharon Miller]
     Cross Fingers [31/10/86#8, written by David Ashton, directed by Alan Wareing]
     Seeking Heat [07/11/86#9, written by Ray Brennan, directed by Christopher Menaul]
     Rock-a-Bye Baby [14/11/86#10, written by Ginnie Hole, directed by Sharon Miller]
Miss Treadwell in The Ray Bradbury Theatre: The Man Upstairs [05/03/88 - Episode 5 of ?? x ??m]
Rachel Hamilton in Thin Air [08/04-06/05/88 BBC1 - 5 x 50m episodes, written by Peter Dunant (Peter Bushby & Sarah Dunant, directed by Antonia Bird]
Meryl Spicer in Boon: Vallance's Liberty [23/10/89 ITV - Episode 4 of 13 x 50m]
Tessa Pascoe in The Men's Room: June 1985 & December 1989 [16 & 23/10/91 BBC2 - #4 & 5 of 5 x 55m, written by Laura Lamson (from the novel by Ann Oakley), directed by Antonia Bird]
Donna Matkin in A Small Dance [03/06/92 Thames Television/ITV x 94m, written by Lucy Gannon, directed by Alan Horrox]
Kaz in Screenplay: Safe [13/10/93 BBC2 x 66m, by Al Ashton, directed by Antonia Bird]
Victoria Sheringham in Smokescreen [02/01-06/02/1994 BBC1 - 6 x 30m serial, written by James Andrew Hall (based on the novel by Elsie McCutcheon), directed by Giancarlo Gemin]
Sue Stephens in Open Fire [11/12/94 ITV/LWT - 1 x 105m, written & directed by Peter Greengrass]
Decima Pomeroy in The Alleyn Mysteries: Death at the Bar [08/05/93 BBC1 - #4 of 5 x 100m]
Private Susan Christie in Beyond Reason (VT: A Casual Affair) [20/02/95 Kensington Films & Television for Carlton/ITV - 1 x 100m, written by Lucy Gannon, directed by Jim O'Brien]
Personal commentary on Talking X's: Saturday Night Fever [29/05/95 BBC1 - #6 of 13 x 1.5m]
The Shooting Gallery: Love Story [25/01/99 C4 x 15m, written & directed by Nick Love]
Chess in Model, Actress, Whatever [29/11/01 (23:45) C4 x 25m, written by Morwenna Banks & Jack Docherty, directed by Rankin]
Herself in This is Your Life: Bill Oddie [05/12/01 ITV]
Susie in Rehab [26/03/03 BBC2, written by Rona Munro, directed by Antonia Bird]
Helen in The Announcement [24/06/03 BBC3 x 80m, written by Morwenna Banks, directed by Troy Miller]


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